PM Question of the Week - week 38 2014

Dear colleague, welcome to our "PM question of the week" newsletter for week 38 2014

This week PMP question:

You are reporting directly to the Vice President. During a meeting with her, she underscores how much the project you have been selected to manage is strategic for the company. Therefore, she expects you to immediately report to her any major issue the project may face. Additionally, no risk will be accepted above a certain risk threshold. To which of the following documents, assets or characteristics would you assign the information you received from the VP?
a. Stakeholder Register.
b. Enterprise Environmental Factors.
c. Organizational Structures.
d. Organizational Process Assets.

Answer to question and explanation

The correct answer is b. Enterprise Environmental Factors.

Explanation: The VP provided you with valuable information regarding the risk tolerance of the organization. This information is part of the Enterprise Environmental Factors that are input to the Plan Risk management process. Please note that this terminology is sometimes referred to as a PMI-ism, a word to identify terms that are specific to the PMBoK Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

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