PM Question of the Week - week 40 2014

Dear colleague, welcome to our "PM question of the week" newsletter for week 40 2014

Today we focus on a topic that is usually a bit hard to grasp for less experienced Project Managers... but let's not put the cart before the horse! This week PMP question:

You are transferring the deliverables of the phase to the operations, and reviewing customer acceptance documentation to ensure that all project requirements are completed. Which of the following processes are you managing?
a. Control scope.
b. Validate scope.
c. Close project or phase.
d. Perform quality assurance.

Answer to question and explanation

The correct answer is c. Close project or phase.

Explanation: in order to answer this and similar PMP situational questions you need to correctly identify what phase of the project lifecycle the question is describing. In the presented situation you are transferring the deliverables, that represent the outcomes of the project phase, to the operations, that is the day to day business of the company. This indicates that you are in the closing process group (this is sometimes called the "turnover" phase). The second part of the question is a distractor that tries to trick you into the b. Validate scope answer. This answer is wrong because the question says that you are reviewing the customer acceptance documentation, not getting them signed off. So the customer acceptance documentation is an input to the current process, not an output. In our experience, the Close project or phase process is often a difficult topic for less experienced PMs: make sure you digest it before sitting the PMP exam.

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