PM Question of the Week - week 46 2014

Dear colleague, welcome to our "PM question of the week" newsletter for week 46 2014.

This week we propose you a PMP question regarding the different project life cycle models that are described in the PMBoK:

A junior project manager seeks your advice over the best way to manage a large and complex project that aims to collect requirements, design, implement and deliver a new information system to support operations and management of a large organization. Which of the following general approaches to the project life cycle would you recommend her?
a. Fully plan-driven.
b. Predictive.
c. Adaptive.
d. Iterative.

Answer to question and explanation

The correct answer is d. Iterative.

Explanation: the iterative life cycle provides advantages when the project scope is complex and can be subdivided into portions that can be delivered separately and still provide value to the customer. Fully plan driven and predictive project life cycles are synonyms: these approaches will increase risks in complex scenarios. On the other hand adaptive methods, such as Agile, require a continuous engagement of the stakeholders, that is often impractical in large organizations.

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