PM Question of the Week - week 9 2015

Dear colleague, welcome to the "PM question of the week" newsletter for week 9 2015.

The following question focuses on the relationship between the project and some of the project stakeholders.

You receive an invitation to participate to a meeting where you are requested to show that the project management plan is compliant with the templates. Which of the following options best describes the meeting?
a. Progress status meeting.
b. Quality assurance meeting.
c. PMO meeting.
d. Quality control meeting.

Answer to question and explanation

The correct answer is c. PMO meeting.

Explanation: a Controlling PMO may require that your project management work is compliant to predefined templates. Let's examine the other options:
a. Progress status meeting. is clearly incorrect: usually you should not discuss your project management plan templates with the customer.
b. Quality assurance meeting. this is a better choice, because the role of the quality assurance department is similar to that of a Controlling PMO. The crucial difference is that quality assurance is focused on project work, not on project management.
d. Quality control meeting. this is clearly wrong because quality control is applied to work performance data and to project deliverables.

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