PM Question of the Week - week 15 2015

Dear colleague, welcome to the "PM question of the week" newsletter for week 15 2015.

Sometimes the PMP exam will test your knowledge of a very specific PMBoK topic. Clearly, it is impossible to keep the full body of knowledge in mind, and you will have to rely on your project management experience, intuition and on the overall grasp of the standard. At times you may also get a good hint from some of the four choices that are provided. But let's see an example:

"Problem solution generation" is an example of:
a. Conflict management.
b. Create WBS technique.
c. Decision making.
d. Leadership.

Answer to question and explanation

The correct answer is c. Decision making.

Explanation: this is mentioned in the PMBoK as a phase of a possible decision making model. The model is described in appendix X3 Interpersonal Skills: as previously said, answering correctly to this kind of question requires either a very careful study and a good memory, or a intuition, project management experience and a good grasp of the overall PMBoK structure. Let's examine the wrong answers as well.
Answer b. Create WBS technique. is clearly wrong. Answers a. Conflict management. and d. Leadership are more plausible: they can be discarded after pondering the alternatives. These choices should also provide you with a clear hint on which topic the question is about, that is interpersonal skills.

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