PM Question of the Week - week 19 2015

Dear colleague, welcome to the "PM question of the week" newsletter for week 19 2015.

Situational questions may be difficult to answer. A useful technique to answer this kind of questions is to visualize in which of the five process group the recounted action can be placed (initiating, planning, etc.). Let's try this technique with the following PMP question:

The ship building project is on budget but behind schedule. Additionally, the cruise company complained about the quality of some of the cabin interiors: as a consequence a recommendation was made to select a new supplier. You organized a new bid, a new seller was selected and the first shipping of the new cabin furniture has just arrived. Which of the following options best describes the process you are managing?
a. Perform integrated change control.
b. Control quality.
c. Plan procurement management.
d. Direct and manage project work.

Answer to question and explanation

The correct answer is d. Direct and manage project work.

Explanation: in fact this process is where you implement the approved changes. You can also identify the correct answer by visualizing the situation described in the question: you should agree that you are not carrying out an initiating or planning activity, and also you are not monitoring and controlling or closing. You are, indeed, executing the project. Therefore, even if the question mentions a procurement activity, you are not planning procurement. Controlling quality can be also safely excluded, as also perform integrated change control: the latter is the process that basically keeps the project management plan coherent over time, and like the former it is a monitoring and controlling process.

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